Breakfast #19: Using Social Media for Awareness & Education Marketing

Tickets go on sale at 9:00am on Tuesday, July 1

On Thursday, July 24, 2014, Sara Croft (Easter Seals Crossroads), Jerry Matczak (Lilly Clinical Open Innovation) and Jordan Whitt (Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)) will participate in a panel discussion on using social media for awareness and education marketing. Click here or on the button below to purchase tickets. Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #19: Using Social Media for Awareness and Education Marketing

Event Information:

Social Media is often seen as a sales or marketing tool for products and services, but it can be an extremely effective medium to use for awareness and education marketing, when the goal isn’t making an additional sale, but instead to inform and educate followers. In that spirit, we’ve gathered speakers from a variety of industries (both for-profit and non-profit) to have a panel discussion about how they use social media for awareness and educational purposes within their industry. July’s event will be hosted at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indianapolis.

Who’s Presenting?

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Breakfast #15: Improving Traffic and Conversations with Inbound Marketing

This presentation will explore the relationship between online content, its channels of distribution and the top of the sales funnel using over three years-worth of data. In addition, the inbound marketing campaign process will be defined and dissected. The bottom line is that attendees will leave knowing exactly what they need to do and how to do it in order to substantially improve web traffic and conversions from all inbound channels.

Digital Relevance

 What’s on the agenda?

We’ll keep the event to 90 minutes, focusing on providing attendees with opportunities to meet each other, as well as hear valuable insight from our guest speaker.

Please note that doors open no earlier than 7:30am.

  • 7:30 AM Arrival, breakfast courtesy of Panera, and networking
  • 8:00 AM Announcements & introductions
  • 8:10 AM Presentation by Kristofer Karol and Gene Ford
  • 9:00 AM We’re done! On with your day…

Who’s Presenting?

Chad Pollitt                 Since 2002, Chad H. Pollitt has played an integral role in designing, developing, deploying, executing and tracking robust web marketing strategies for client companies and organizations and is an Internet marketing expert. He holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, an Internet Marketing Masters Certification from the University of San Francisco’s prestigious School of Business and Management and is a Certified HubSpot Partner.

Chad is a decorated Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a former Army National Guard Commander and the Director of Marketing at Slingshot SEO. He authored “The Content Marketing Manifesto” in 2012. His other writings and articles have been published in dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the world.  Read More

Lunch #7: Public Safety and Social – What Our First Responders Want You to Know

Event Information:

If social media users witness a crime in person, should they call 911 – or is sharing a picture of incident on Twitter and tagging the law enforcement agency’s @ handle sufficient enough? (And do they then become a witness?)

What’s the best #hashtag to use during a citywide crisis – or is there one?

If there’s a major event involving public safety, should we retweet the news media account or the expert’s account?

Can the public get insight from behind the crime tape as soon as the media? Has how that relationship changed?

The combination of rising smartphone use and ease of information-sharing by the general public has posed new challenges for the Indianapolis metro area’s first responders, but they are increasingly responding to social media. We thought it was a great time to have a discussion with our bravest and finest as they become more visible.

We’ll talk best practices, issues – such as “blurred lines” – and we’ll ask them what they want us to do.

Our discussion will be led by Indiana State Police First Sgt. Brian Olehy, who has authority over a Twitter page with over 17,000 followers (another 15,000 like ISP on Facebook). 

We’ll feature the perspective of Speedway Police Capt. Jason S. Dierdorff and Wayne Township Fire Department Capt. Mike Pruitt. Other guests scheduled to participate are Officer Kendale Adams with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Capt. Rita L. Reith with the Indianapolis Fire Department, and Marc Lotter, Communications Director for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

We have a special treat in store for participants: Friends of Indiana Disaster Search Dogs, an Indianapolis nonprofit formed in 2012 that is comprised of the K9 handlers that are part of the FEMA urban search and rescue squad Indiana Task Force 1, will do a series of “live” victim-finding demos as their pooches practice rescues. You’ll also get to meet these fine canines up close. 

Come prepared with questions to ask about how our friends in public safety have transitioned (and continue to transition) in an era when everyone’s watching.

Tweet your questions before the event using the hashtag #Indysafe.

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Breakfast #16: The Indy Star: Past, Present and Future of Indy’s News Source


Listen as Indy Star Engagement and Utility Manager Amy Bartner gives a glimpse into the changing tides in the newspaper and journalism industries. Learn about The Star’s current foray into the digital age and get a look at where they’re headed now.

Also, come prepared with questions to ask about how the Indy Star has transitioned (and continues to transition) from purely print to having such a focus on digital communications.

Tweet your questions before the event using the hashtag #IndyStarSM

Indianapolis Star

What’s on the agenda?

We’ll keep the event to 90 minutes, focusing on providing attendees with opportunities to meet each other, as well as hear valuable insight from our guest speaker. Please note that doors open no earlier than 7:30am.
  • 7:30 AM Arrival and networking
  • 8:00 AM Announcements & introductions
  • 8:10 AM Presentation by Amy Bartner
  • 9:00 AM We’re done! On with your day…

Who’s Presenting?

Amy Bartner, Engagement and Utility Manager – Indianapolis Star Amy Bartner Amy’s been at The Star in multiple capacities since 2006: From intern to community journalist, to “mojo” to videojournalist, to entertainment reporter and online producer, social media editor and now she’s the engagement and utility manager, overseeing social media, user-generated content and SEO at The Star’s digital products.
In seven years, she’s been through several (she’s lost count) rounds of layoffs, furloughs, smaller newspapers and, finally, the rise of a digital-first newsroom. There’s still a long way to go, but The Star is finally moving at a faster, forward-moving pace.
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Thankful for you Indianapolis

It’s been three-plus years since John Palmer and I started this little endeavor. Our first event was held at the Indiana Humanities Council with around 30 people or so. And some of those first attendees are now people that I consider true friends here in town.

And though we have worked hard to keep IndySM running and growing, we couldn’t have done it without YOU. You, the speakers. You, the hosts. You, the sponsors. You, the volunteers. You, the city of Indianapolis.

The last three years have been great, but I truly believe that the best is yet to come. I wanted to use this blog post to thank all of those who have made IndySM the wonderful experience it has been.


  • Panera Bread
  • Noodles & Company
  • Thr3e Wisemen Brewery
  • 12 Stars Media


  • Hannah Joseph
  • Raquel Richardson
  • Ryan Puckett
  • Tim Clayton
  • Marcus Tewksbury
  • Meg Liffick
  • Jenny Messmer
  • Andy Klotz
  • Karissa Hulse
  • Breena Fain
  • Miranda McCage
  • Lindsay Manfredi
  • Ashley Gilchrist
  • Sharon Rickson
  • Tasha Blackman
  • Tom Spalding
  • Nicole Misencik
  • Doug Karr
  • Alessandra Souers
  • Jay Baer
  • Patrick Flanagan
  • Julie Perry
  • Rocky Walls
  • Greg Kueterman
  • Ryan Smith
  • Kristofer Karol
  • Gene Ford
  • Paul D’Andrea
  • Jesse Laffen
  • Linda Broadfoot
  • Chip McComb
  • Nathan Hand
  • Muhammad Yasin
  • Peter Dunn
  • Ryan Brock


  • Indiana Humanities Council
  • United Way of Central Indiana
  • Rhythm Discovery Center
  • VisitIndy
  • WFYI
  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  • Indianapolis Opera
  • Indianapolis City Market
  • Arts Council of Indianapolis
  • Kiwanis International
  • Indiana Blood Center
  • Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
  • Crossroads of America Council, BSA
  • BackPack Attack
  • IndyFringe
  • The Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis