Indianapolis Social Media is an evolution of a small organization originally founded in August of 2009 by John Palmer and Chuck Gose. The original group was the Indianapolis chapter of Social Media Breakfast, a movement created by Bryan Person out of Boston in August 2007.

Social Media Breakfast was an event where social media experts and newbies alike came together to eat, meet, share, and learn. Marketers, PR pros, entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters, new-media fanatics, and online social networkers were all welcome to attend.

The evolution from just offering breakfast was a straightforward one- in 2010, it was announced that the group would continue to provide great content, but expand beyond just breakfast to include networking, lunch, and workshop events. Not only would events be a component, but community support in the form of scholarships and grants, as well as pro-bono consultation, would be offered. Indianapolis Social Media was born.

Today, Indy Social Media strives to lift Indianapolis onto a national stage in digital communications, providing simple access to education, networking, and hands-on learning for anyone in Indiana who wants to leverage the social web. If you believe in this mission and want to connect, please do reach out to us:

John Palmer

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