Breakfast #24: Mobile 101 with Santiago Jaramillo from Bluebridge Digital

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Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #24: Bluebridge Digital - Mobile

Who is speaking?

Santiago JaramilloSantiago Jaramillo is the CEO and Founder of Bluebridge, where he oversees the vision, strategy, and progress of the company’s product and brand. Santiago has grown Bluebridge from humble beginnings in a college dorm room to one of the leading mobile app platforms in the world. In just three years, Bluebridge has grown to 30 employees, with hundreds of customers worldwide, including South Africa tourism and Gatlinburg, TN.

Through Santiago’s leadership, the company has also secured more than $3M in venture capital funding from world-renowned investors. Santiago is a nationally-recognized expert on mobile and innovation and was named to Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 “World’s Coolest Entrepreneurs” in 2013. He has also been invited to the White House for his entrepreneurial contributions and was named TechPoint’s “Young Professional of the Year” in 2014. Most recently, he was named to Indianapolis Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40” list.

Mobile 101: What Every Business Needs to Know

A good mobile strategy is an imperative for any organization that wants to succeed in our increasingly mobile world. In this session, Santiago outlines current mobile trends and provides actionable tips that are guaranteed to jump-start even the most basic mobile strategy.

About Bluebridge Digital

Bluebridge was born from a single statistic. In the summer of 2011, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever and Bluebridge founder Santiago Jaramillo launched the company that would change the way mobile apps were developed and sold. Rather than the then-standard model of paying an up-front charge for a mobile app, Bluebridge created an app platform that would provide apps that were constantly up-to-date for a flat annual cost.

Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #24: Bluebridge Digital - Mobile

Breakfast #21: Community Marketing and Engagement with The Brickyard Battalion and Indy Eleven

Tickets on sale at 9:00am on Tuesday, Sept. 30

On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Tom Dunmore (@TomDunmore) of Indy Eleven and Josh Mason (@masonzbt), of the Brickyard Battalion, will talk about how they used community marketing and engagement to bring professional soccer to Indianapolis – and sustain the team into a successful first season.

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Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #21: Community Marketing and Engagement with The Brickyard Battalion and Indy Eleven

For this event, we have two tickets. You can register with a basic admission ticket for $6. But we also know that some of you like to give more. For those of you who wish to donate more, you may register through the Donate ticket.

The Brickyard Battalion’s mission is to create an inspiring fan environment and a groundswell of support for Indy Eleven.They do this through fostering an increased level of passionate support through community events, gatherings and volunteerism. The Battalion was two thousand members strong before talk of bringing a soccer team to Indy made progress. The Indy Eleven team embraced the already built fan base, and included fans along the way leading to incredible success in its first year.

Tom Dunmore, Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Operations for Indy Eleven and Josh Mason, Co-Founder of The Brickyard Battalion will lead an open discussion about the events leading up the formation of the fan group and team, and how the team used community marketing and partnerships to sell out every league game in their first year.

Tom Dunmore, VP Marketing & Operations, Indy Eleven

Tom Dunmore - VP Marketing & Operations

In March 2013, Indy Eleven brought on board respected soccer executive and writer Tom Dunmore to serve as the team’s Vice President of Marketing and Operations.

Dunmore is also a leading soccer writer, editor and publisher. He is the author of two books, Soccer For Dummies and a Historical Dictionary of Soccer . He founded the award winning soccer website Pitch Invasion and the print periodical XI Quarterly, two leading outlets for long form soccer writing. Dunmore was formerly the Chairman of Section 8 Chicago, the Chicago Fire’s Independent Supporters’ Association, and has served on the Chicago Fire Foundation board and the Chicago Red Stars advisory board.

Originally a native of Brighton, England, Dunmore called Chicago home for 13 years before relocating to Indianapolis with his wife Monika and infant son Jack.

Josh Mason, Co-founder: Brickyard Battalion

Josh Mason - Board Secretary - Brickyard Battalion

Josh is member of the Founding 8 at the Brickyard Battaion and has played soccer since he was 4 years old; his passion for the sport has only gotten stronger with age. Now married with four children Josh’s passion is now channeled into Tuesday nights at “Off the Wall” in Carmel, so he can still tell people that he actually plays soccer! He is an avid supporter of the US Men’s National Team, Manchester United (since 1993), the Indianapolis Colts, and now Indy Pro Soccer. Josh has worked professionally in the Indianapolis corporate adult beverage world for many years and is well-known and thought of in and around Indy restaurant and pub circles.

The Venue: IndyFringe Theatre

IndyFringeThe IndyFringe Basile Theatre serves as a low cost rehearsal and performance space in Indianapolis. The theatre offers a year round eclectic mix of emerging artists, new plays, established theatre groups, returning Fringe performers and community events which continually change and attract a diverse audience.

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Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #21: Community Marketing and Engagement with The Brickyard Battalion and Indy Eleven

Breakfast #20: Using Social Media for Recruiting, Featuring ExactTarget

Tickets on sale at 9:00am on Tuesday, August 26

On Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, Andre J. Boulais (@AndreJBoulais), Nicole Lindberg (@NicoleLindberg) and Oaksoon Callahan (@OaksoonC) will talk about how ExactTarget has used social media to super-charge their recruiting efforts around the globe.

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Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #20: From Twitter to Social360: How ExactTarget has Turned up Talent by Turning Social Media Upside Down

For this event, we have two tickets. You can register with a basic admission ticket for $6. But we also know that some of you like to give more. For those of you who wish to donate more, you may register through the Donate ticket.

Andre J. Boulais, Manager of Global Sourcing-Global Recruiting Team

Andre Boulais As Manager of Global Sourcing, Andre J. Boulais (@AndreJBoulais) leads the highly-strategic division of ExactTarget’s Global Recruiting team focused on mission-critical roles from Director to VP-level.

As Manager, he has cultivated an environment where his progressive team is constantly being asked to try new ideas. Utilizing advanced Boolean searching, social media, job boards, networking and leveraging of professional relationships with candidates from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, his team connects the top tech talent on the planet to their dream job at ExactTarget.

With over a decade of Talent Acquisition across three continents, Andre has been selected as a speaker at conferences and webinars and enjoys blogging on the subject. Constantly engaging other peers in the industry for new ideas and techniques, he and his team are driving the changing landscape of Talent Acquisition. His team happily lives by the motto: Keep Calm and Slay the Dragon.

Nicole Lindberg

Nicole Lindbergh Nicole Lindberg (@NicoleLindberg) is a Sourcing Strategist at ExactTarget with several years of Human Resources and Recruiting experience. Approaching her one year anniversary with the company, she’s become very passionate about social media and its ability to reach untapped sources of prospective candidates. When she’s not searching for top talent, you’ll find her dining throughout downtown Indianapolis validating her self-proclaimed foodie title as well as chatting about all things Ohio State.

Oaksoon Callahan

Okasoon- CallahanOaksoon Callahan (@OaksoonC) is approaching a year of working at the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud as a Sourcing Strategist. She is a Hoosier at heart and graduated from IUPUI before starting her career in recruiting and is passionate about developing innovative social strategies to reach a greater audience of talent. Okasoon is always up for trying something new, and this year, she and her husband’s goal has been to try something new each week.

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Eventbrite - Indy Social Media, Breakfast #20: From Twitter to Social360: How ExactTarget has Turned up Talent by Turning Social Media Upside Down

Breakfast #15: Improving Traffic and Conversations with Inbound Marketing

This presentation will explore the relationship between online content, its channels of distribution and the top of the sales funnel using over three years-worth of data. In addition, the inbound marketing campaign process will be defined and dissected. The bottom line is that attendees will leave knowing exactly what they need to do and how to do it in order to substantially improve web traffic and conversions from all inbound channels.

Digital Relevance

 What’s on the agenda?

We’ll keep the event to 90 minutes, focusing on providing attendees with opportunities to meet each other, as well as hear valuable insight from our guest speaker.

Please note that doors open no earlier than 7:30am.

  • 7:30 AM Arrival, breakfast courtesy of Panera, and networking
  • 8:00 AM Announcements & introductions
  • 8:10 AM Presentation by Kristofer Karol and Gene Ford
  • 9:00 AM We’re done! On with your day…

Who’s Presenting?

Chad Pollitt









Since 2002, Chad H. Pollitt has played an integral role in designing, developing, deploying, executing and tracking robust web marketing strategies for client companies and organizations and is an Internet marketing expert. He holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, an Internet Marketing Masters Certification from the University of San Francisco’s prestigious School of Business and Management and is a Certified HubSpot Partner.

Chad is a decorated Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a former Army National Guard Commander and the Director of Marketing at Slingshot SEO. He authored “The Content Marketing Manifesto” in 2012. His other writings and articles have been published in dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the world. 

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Lunch #7: Public Safety and Social – What Our First Responders Want You to Know

Event Information:

If social media users witness a crime in person, should they call 911 – or is sharing a picture of incident on Twitter and tagging the law enforcement agency’s @ handle sufficient enough? (And do they then become a witness?)

What’s the best #hashtag to use during a citywide crisis – or is there one?

If there’s a major event involving public safety, should we retweet the news media account or the expert’s account?

Can the public get insight from behind the crime tape as soon as the media? Has how that relationship changed?

The combination of rising smartphone use and ease of information-sharing by the general public has posed new challenges for the Indianapolis metro area’s first responders, but they are increasingly responding to social media. We thought it was a great time to have a discussion with our bravest and finest as they become more visible.

We’ll talk best practices, issues – such as “blurred lines” – and we’ll ask them what they want us to do.

Our discussion will be led by Indiana State Police First Sgt. Brian Olehy, who has authority over a Twitter page with over 17,000 followers (another 15,000 like ISP on Facebook). 

We’ll feature the perspective of Speedway Police Capt. Jason S. Dierdorff and Wayne Township Fire Department Capt. Mike Pruitt. Other guests scheduled to participate are Officer Kendale Adams with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Capt. Rita L. Reith with the Indianapolis Fire Department, and Marc Lotter, Communications Director for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

We have a special treat in store for participants: Friends of Indiana Disaster Search Dogs, an Indianapolis nonprofit formed in 2012 that is comprised of the K9 handlers that are part of the FEMA urban search and rescue squad Indiana Task Force 1, will do a series of “live” victim-finding demos as their pooches practice rescues. You’ll also get to meet these fine canines up close. 

Come prepared with questions to ask about how our friends in public safety have transitioned (and continue to transition) in an era when everyone’s watching.

Tweet your questions before the event using the hashtag #Indysafe.

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