Q&A with Gregg Doyel Video

Indy Social Media at the Indy Star. View more:  http://laurayursphotography.pass.us/indy-sm-indy-star-1

Our December event featured a Q&A session with Gregg Doyel. As the Indianapolis Star‘s new sports writer, Gregg answered questions about his job, social media and the Indy Star in general. If you missed this event, you missed a fun and very moving presentation.

Watch the video below or click here to view on YouTube.

Were you at this breakfast? What was your biggest takeaway?

Analytics & Measurement of the Social Web

Everyone talks about analytics, analytics, analytics. Companies check their analytics on a daily or weekly basis and few do anything more than see whether or not more visitors are coming to their site. Is that all there is?

What are the tools that the professionals utilize with analytics that makes all the difference? What do you actually DO when you see some of the metrics rise and fall? What are the limitations of analytics that you need to worry about? Doug will walk through a typical scenario on properly implementing analytics to monitor key metrics as well as how to determine what factors to improve with them.

See the presentation by Douglas Karr here:

Social Media in the “Mainstream” Media

“The Media” has always been a term that, until recently, was reasonably clear-cut. It was easy to understand what main channels were reputable, and there were fewer questions about the reliability of the reporting and forecasting. At the same time, news was much more delayed and had to selectively choose what to cover.

Today, however, technology and its social aspects have allowed for more direct interaction with mainstream media sources, faster breaking of news, and more widespread- yet personalized- information. Low barriers to becoming a media source have inspired these traditional channels to innovate, using new mediums to fundamentally change the way that the job gets done. Join us to see how the local media leaders are using technology to lead this shift.

Neon Love Life Graces Children’s Museum Breakfast Event

Although bringing attention to nonprofits and arts organizations is a forte of ours, we’re really looking forward to this next event- entertain your inner child and learn at the same time with an overview of the Cause Marketing efforts of a local organization making music to the ears of rockstar girls everywhere.

Listen to the members of Neon Love Life, the band leading the charge for the movement of Girls Rock! in Indianapolis, give an overview of how their use of Social Media has created a phenomenon in summer camp form. Then they’ll wrap it up with a SMB-friendly performance of some of their rockin’ tunes.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media

Even though Social Media Marketing is all the rage these days, determining how to measure it is leaving quite a few folks…well, stumped. Tim Claytor, Sr. Partner Recruitment Executive, and Marcus Tewksbury, Director of Customer Intelligence from Alterian (www.alterian.com) will be enlightening us on the approach, best practices, and even availability of measuring buzz online.