#IndySM Storify Recap with Indy Eleven and The Brickyard Battalion

IndySM Breakfast: Oct. 23, 2014. Photo Credit: Laura Yurs Photography

Molly Kruger, Tom Dunmore and Josh Mason at IndySM Breakfast: Sept. 11, 2014. Photo Credit: Laura Yur Photography

We had a great event this morning Indy Fringe Theater where Molly Kruger and Tom Dunmore of Indy Eleven and Josh Mason of The Brickyard Battalion talked about how  shared how they engaged fans on social media and developed outreach to the community to help not only bring professional soccer to Indianapolis, but propel the team through 14 sold-out matches in their debut season.

If you weren’t at the breakfast, take a glance at the #IndySM Tagboard page to see what you missed.

The folks at 12 Stars Media filmed the event and we’ll post the video soon, but in the mean time Tom Spalding put together a great Storify thread about the breakfast. Check it out if you need a refresher or if you weren’t able to make it:

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